Sunday, June 03, 2007

The L-Word - A Stone's Throw from Evanescence

Love is thrown about carelessly. The givers and takers often make dead end promises to add icing on the cake. I will love you forever! I will never marry anyone else if something happens to us... *Insert swoon response.* What girl wouldn't melt hearing rubbish like that? I found out not long ago that he's engaged again. Words carry little weight with me. Promises are taken just as lightly. My current attitude towards the trend and trail of broken marriage vows happening in today's society. I've learned to distrust almost everything that breeds from love.

So when the cat confessed his love for me last night my initial reaction was really in the same monotone as bull shit. As all the initials surrounded by pretty hearts scribbled in subways and notebooks only mark a moment in time, the singular permanent token of devotion, his declaration is transitory.

This is not to say I will avoid love in my life - I am not bitter. I do hope to find it some day but all that love encompasses will be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing is eternal except all the carvings in the barks of trees.


Unknown said...

Passing by, and your writing style caught me. Nice blog you have here.

Take care

ERZSÉBET said...

Thank you. I wanted to stop by yours to say my thanks but...well y'know. Hopefully you'll return to see this.

Take care as well.