Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blog Moves - Seeking Inspiration from the Blogosphere

I'm introducing a new concept, mainly for myself to help beat writers block but others may be inclined to chime in as well. Actually, I'm betting it's already been thought of and I'm too slow on the take. If so please send me in the right direction.

The blogosphere is full of a variety of bloggers with many different ideas and views many of which come through in their choice of post topics. When we blog hop and come across a blog that we find compelling enough to continue with more than just the initial entry and maybe even worth an add to our Blog Roll for future access is it really because we're so intrigued with their life (similar to Y&R) or is it because we can relate to that person. Maybe it's none of the above.

Personally, I'm drawn to the blogs that move me. Lyrical posts, vibrant photos, thought provoking phrases. I've come away from these blogs swimming in my own introspection's and reveries but never considered writing about them, until now. Often I am stuck on what to write about. Daily happenings some times seem too mundane and writing about them is almost torturous. As a reader I wouldn't blame you for clicking the next blog button. Thus Blog Moves is born.

The idea is post in your own blog the moment you come across a post that catches your eye, makes you think, invokes emotion within Blogger. Whether you're inspired by a whole entry, a picture or a simple word write about it and link to the blog that moved you enough to create one of your own. Also, leave the author a comment to let s/he know that what they had to say inspired you and leave a link to your own entry. Who wouldn't want to hear positive feedback such as that? It will also attract more traffic to your page.

Inspiration comes in many forms. Your post may not relate or even respond to the blog (it doesn't have to) - it could be totally off the wall in comparison but that is the beauty of it, to have the freedom and ability to take your post as far from or keep it as close to the muse as you like.

Again, this is mainly for myself right now but if anyone does take interest please include some where in the title Blog Moves, link back to me and leave me a comment in the section connected to this post with the link to your Blog Moves post and title and I'll create a list.

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