Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Discovering Splendor - "Hospital Pond"

It is the ideal day for laziness. The temperatures are soaring, rain is in the air and in the grey clouds that refuse to allow any sunlight to stream through. It is the perfect day for nothing and nothing I have done since I awoke shortly after 10 (it is now almost 3).

I am hoping that any drops that may fall will hold off until later this evening. While I do enjoy storms whether it's a light pitter-patter or heavy down pour complete with loud bangs and lightning shows I have found something to look forward to every day and the sky's tears - if they may fall - will keep me from it.

I used to take the 15 minute drive to a park back home almost every evening - weather permitting. It was my alone time albeit Phoenix was always by my side. We wandered that park for hours through the trees, over the hills and watched the children play on the monkey bars. Back then Phoenix remembered his tricks and off his lead he walked. He's a good boy but it's been awhile since those days and I'm nervous about trying it again.

This island of Newfoundland is full of treasured spots I've yet to discover but I have found one that is within walking distance from the house. Both boys and I have gone to "Hospital Pond" the last couple evenings. Last night one of the neighbourhood kid's, who has taken a liking to the boys, accompanied me and from the moment we left the house and arrived at the pond I was wishing to be alone.

The pond itself is crystal clear and completely surrounded by a gravel path which takes roughly 25 minutes to walk the perimeter. It's a wonderful area with benches and gazebo's to rest along the way. I found myself becoming lost in my thoughts but Brandon's complaints of his sandals and the stones between his toes pulled me back.

He's a good boy too and I should have been grateful for his being there. It's strange to want to be alone when I've been on my own now for the past 3 weeks. Hearing another voice other than my own should have been welcomed. I wanted friends, I suppose I just wasn't expecting a 12 year old to be one of them.

The coloured stones paint a pretty picture.

Cliche but if pictures are worth a 1000 words...

We all have places we go to escape, to gather our thoughts or to just enjoy ourselves and the scenery.

Where's your spot?

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Anna Maria Pellizzari said...

I'm not sure I have a spot these days, but as a child I certainly did...

In the woods behind the house where I grew up, there was (is?) an old dogwood tree growing at a 45-degree angle from the ground. I'm not sure how it grew to be that way, but it was the perfect angle for me to easily climb to near its top, where I would sit and read, converse with nature in my mind or just daydream. I never told anyone about "my spot" - you're the first - and thinking about it now is making me nostalgic. I yearn for an escape place now...

Thank you for sparking pleasant memories.