Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All Words and No Play...

I've come to realize my extreme need for independence. I'm beyond hope for procrastination and rely on my Mother to keep me on task. I need the harsh reality of life to slap me in the face and put me into my place. I need a place of my own.

I've been dreaming about it for months now. I'm ready emotionally but financially proves to be a problem. I'm not talking a mere set back that I might be able to over come with a little budgeting. I mean I'm basically grounded here at "home" for another four years until our debt is paid off.

My Mother has a sly way of reeling me in with guilt. Single Mom trying to pay the bills all on her own. She fed me a story that I couldn't say no to. Thought I was doing some good, helping her accomplish her dream when all that came out of it was a new fridge, a water cooler and a couple dogs to keep us company while we're stuck here living our mediocre lives.

All we have is each other and whether purposely or subconsciously she's trapping me, not wanting to let me go.

How do you stand up to your own Mother and say it's time to move on?

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